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   Welcome to my site! My name is Kristen MacGregor. I have been writing poetry since I was 12- with a wide range of both great and disastrous poems! Please, sign up for an account and add your poetry to mine. Use the E-Mail link to let me know of any comments or suggestions you might have. I hope you enjoy the site!!!

Poem of the Month!

Felt Again

The feeling I get from it all-
Like seeing a babe
brought into this world,
Or watching the sun
set on a mountain top.
Like feeling loved
for the very first time,
Or being with friends
not seen for so long.
The excitement, thrill-
An enchanting feeling
felt all over again
as I look into your eyes;
Dark and submissive,
deep as a pool-
Yet light and thoughtful,
just there to soothe.
Your voice calms my heart
but also makes it race.
How little I see you
and how I long for
the time and place-
Maybe soon, maybe far-
but never is it too late.

Kristen Miner
Copyright © 2003

   A very special thanks to my husband, of over 7 years, who has put a lot of time into this site- and put up with a lot of nagging from me to get it going! Thank you, Ian- I love you!!!

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